Lü Shi poem example

Opening doors

...a Lü Shi

Yellow dust galloping over the desert steppe,

like horses, viewing the faraway coldest town.

Shaman pours camel milk to calm spirits,

as libation to quieten the storm down.

When opening doors of the nomad’s yurt,

soul leaves body, is free, when dreaming.

When opening door to let guests in

Buuz filled with minced mutton is steaming.

Blue sky pulls white cloud curtains

night closes brushwood door.

I bear pain and loneliness,

look at the moon, golden hoar.

Behind the door, tea is bubbling;

felt doors open gently, invite.

Dream blown away by the wind,

frost from early winter night.

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky = Mongolia

coldest town = Ulaanbaatar

Yurt = round felt tent

Buuz = Mongolian steamed dumplings filled with minced meat

©Eduard Schmidt-Zorner