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Short storypoem or haibun 

Nasha Gazeta  

Haibun: ‘Storm wind’ in English and Russian) IRL

Renault magazine

Essay French F

Tralee Diverse Writers Group Anthology  IRL


3 poems: A poem on a wet street, Africa, Two Mothers, Haibun: Solitude, Second Month of Autumn

Failed Haiku A Journal of English Senryu USA

Haibun and Haiku

Duilleoga Poetry Broadsheet Killorglin IRL

2 poems ‘Remaining Dreams’, ‘Place de la Revolution’

Poetry Trail during April Limerick at Healthier Living, Roches Street, Limerick IRL

1 poem ‘Remaining dreams’

Ink Sweat and Tears UK based webzine

1 haibun ‘Farmland’

The Galway Review IRL

3 poems Time dissolving, Time changeover, Forbearance

Fiction Pool a new online-only literary magazine USA

Bistro short story ‘Frederic Debierre’ and poem ‘Time Changeover’

(Ama no gawa - 天の川) Blog di haiku, tanka, senryū, renga Elisa Allo, un luogo sospeso tra spazio e tempo una "Via Lattea" Italy 

4 haiku

The Muse-an International Journal of Poetry USA

Poem " Bergen Belsen''

Contemporary Poetry -An Anthology of Present Day Best Poems (Volume 4)

Poem "Margaret Island"

Special issue of Boyne Berries Magazine. The Boyne Berries 22, The Ledwidge Issue. IRL

Poem “Margret Island”

Failed Haiku, a journal of English Senryu. USA September 1, 2017 issue

1 haiku

Flight Writing was created by amateur Irish writers to provide a safe space for new, experimental work. They want to communicate the Irish experience from a new perspective. IRL

Flight Writing published my poem "a moonlight night" in their publication.

Published in "The Jester of the Kingdom" IRL Humorous verse competition

Poem "The Heart"

Artis Natura, a Canadian publication

Haibun "A Sacrifice"

Cattails is published by the United Haiku and Tanka Society and les Éditions des petits nuages in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Haibun "Work boots" for publication in the April 2018 issue of Cattails.

Meniscus Literary Journal. Meniscus is an online, free access literary journal published by the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP) under the Deakin University

Poem “On that night”

Poetry Magazine - A look Inside 002 by Foxtrot Uniform, a biannual independent print magazine for publications of poetry in UK

2 poems ‘Abandonment’ and ‘Mayakovskay Metro Station’

Qutub Minar Review, from Delhi, India, a new international literary magazine, has published in their April issue

Short story Inconspicious 'and my poem 'Tarot cards from a drawer '

in issue 1 of Marble Poetry Magazine in June/July. Marble Poetry is edited by Aisling Tempany. She is a graduate of Cardiff University and a postgraduate of Swansea University.

My poem "Healing"

Haiku and Rotary Fellowship, anthology and collection of haiku published by Killarney Rotary Club with IRL

49 of my haiku

Prachya Review - a cross cultural webzineb published in Bangladesh

Short Story “Eternity”

Revistă de cultură pentru scriitorii de limbă română din afara granițelor țării.  Publicație a Itaca Organization Dublin IRL

5 poems: On that night, The Blessing of Forgetting, Yellowed Memories, Vanity, Time Dissolving.

Translation into Romanian: Elena Daniela Radu       

Journal of Arts & Letters O:JA&L Buttonhole Press, Montana, USA, in the September 2018 issue

Short prose (haibun) LIGHT

Akita International Haiku Network JAPAN        

13 haiku and tanka

The Pangolin Review publication in issue 8 of the magazine for January 8, 2019. Mauritius

Poems 'Tarot cards from a drawer"

River Poets Journal under my pen name Eadbhard McGowan. Poems.html/ LillyPress USA

Three Christmas- Lune-Poems

Luca Cenisi, former President of the European Haiku Society, created a weekly haiku- related column on My Haiku Pond blog called: "Luca's Lily Pad". Each week his column will feature up to 5 of the best haiku-related poems submitted.

5 of my haiku were published in this column.

in Printed Words  (Editor: Amanda Steel, author) published Jan 2019 / UK

Two poems “Autumn moon” and “Fallow moon”

The Mamba” Journal Of Africa Haiku Network 

1 haiku published

PRESENCE Britain's leading independent haiku journal for #63

One of my tanka published

The Henniker Review, an annual literary and artistic   publication run by MFA students at New England College. Henniker, New Hampshire.  USA

Poem “Healing”

Foxtrot Uniform is a biannual print magazine 2 / UK


Poems 'Yellowed Memories', 'Fallow   Moon' and the short story 'Bistro Cockade'.

Poetrypoeticspleasure Ezine Volume 3; Issue 3; March 2019

Poem: “The blessing of forgetting”.

CHO Contemporary Haibun Online

Haibun “Rainy days”

Seashore publication by Haiku Spirit (seashore, an international journal to share the spirit of haiku) in Issue 2 April 2019

several of my haiku

Under the Basho Living Haiku Anthology.

Publication of my haibun “Remnants”

The Maynard Online Poetry - Canada. 

3 Poems

Anthology of Tralee Thursday Night Writers Group, Volume 1 / IRL

Short stories: A smartphone on a brown table, Notes from Greece

Flash fiction: Eternity, Night Harvest - Haibun: Fear, Light –

Poems: Autumn Moon, Elephant & Castle, Fallow Moon

Spire Light: A Journal of Creative Expression. Andrew College, Cuthbert, GA 39840-5599, United States USA

Poem: "The Blessing of Forgetting"

The Story Pub USA published on the 11th April 2019

Short Story “Opium”

The Stockholm Review of Literature which is   based in Sweden

Poem “Calling your name

in SUICIDE – A collection of poetry and short prose from writers around the world on the themes of

suicide and self-harm by the writer Robin Barratt. UK

My short story "Smartphone on a brown table"

Total Eclipse Pittsburgh 

Haibun: Reflection on passing moments

in the literary Pif Magazine, Kenmore, WA 98028. USA.

Bistro-short story "Mirrors over the roofs of Paris"

Subterranean Blue Poetry.

Poems "Night colours" and "Yellowed memories"

ATLAS POETICA – A Journal of World Tanka will in September 2019.

5 of my tanka

Anthology of Gnashing Teeth Publishing "Heat the Grease, We're Frying Up Some Poetry"

Haibun "All Hallows’ Eve delights"

Duck Lake Journal, Volume 3. Produced, published  and  marketed  by  Duck  Lake Books,  Ocean  Shores,  Washington,  U.S.A.

My poem “Late Harvest Moon”

Issue I of Sandpiper, due out late spring 2019.

Poem “Maria”

PUDDOCK Journal a bi-annual print journal published by Gean Tree Press based in Scotland.

Haiku in English and Irish

Anthology WRITING HOME: THE 'NEW IRISH' POETS by Daedalus Press Dublin launched in October 2019

Poem " Uncompleted CV of a Migrant"

PPP Enzine Volume 3 Issue 6 July 2019

Poem Late Harvest Moon under my penname.

Poetry NI for the next issue of their FourXFour Poetry Journal, quarterly online publication 29.

Poem "Outlook of a Traveller"

POETICA England  in The Inner Circle Writers' Group Poetry Anthology.

Poem “Voices in the grain field”

Cattails in their October 2019 issue.

Cattails is the official journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS) Canada.

HAIBUN " Briars"

Bleached Butterfly for publication in the September issue. Bleached Butterfly accepts horror, sci-fi, & dark fantasy in the form of fiction, creative non-fiction, all styles of poetry.

Short story “Robo-Aranea”

The Beautiful Space- A Journal of Mind, Art and Poetry, UK

3 poems: "Autumn moon", "August evensong" and "Hay moon's morn and eve "

The Recusant, and sister site, Militant Thistles

Poems: Drowned in the Danube, Bergen Belsen, During the Blitz, Demagogue, World in Fire, Africa

Murmurs of Words /UK

Flash fiction “Night Harvest”

Akita International Haiku Network, Japan published Oct/Nov 2019

10 of my haiku

Verse of Silence, India  

Poem “Fallow Moon”,

Jester of the Kingdom Humourous verse competition Tralee 2019.

My humourous verse  

No Hoot, No Toot” was in the final and in the contest publication.

Loud Coffee Press USA  

Poem ‘Morning (de)light’ and my Bistro Short Story ‘Passing Poetry’.

Goat’s Milk Magazine is a bi-annual literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art from new and emerging voices.

Poem Shelf Life

Nine Muses Poetry, a webzine edited and managed by Annest Gwilym from Wales UK.

Poem "Morning(de)light"

The Cabinet of Heed in Issue Twenty-Seven online mid-December 2019.

Haibun "Loneliness"

January 4th, 2020 in online open-mic, Ponder Away.; California / USA

My oil painting and poems

ActiveMuse, Maharastra

Short story Garden of Eden in the Banlieue

Publication in the March 2020 issue of Our Poetry Archive

My poems: Drowning, Evening Stillness, Time Dissolving, World in Fire and Vanity

Shot Glass Journal. (An international poetry journal of short poetry of Muse-Pie Press USA) in their issue 30 end of January 2020.

Poem "Traces"

accepted by Live Nude Poems, an online journal of poetry edited by Heather Sullivan and Rusty Barnes.

Poem 'Flashback at the Atlantic Ocean'

Fragmented Voices / UK

Publication date 20 March 2020

5 poems

Online journal of Borderless Journal India

Haibun “A fight” and poem “Thread of life”


OPA Our Poetry Archive May 2020 edition

3 poems “No Name”. “Winter Journey” and “Siberia”


U-Rights Magazine

U-Rights is an online literary magazine based in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Three poems:

"Transience", "Siberia" and "Road of Bones"


Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal in their seventh issue

Poems "Caragh Lake" and "Weight of a poem"


For the premier issue of drifting-sands-haibun in USA

Haibun “Work boots”


The Pangolin Review accepted my poem: “Again” for the Issue 16 which will appear on May 8, 2020.

Poem “Again”


Published in Pendemic

1 poem and a haiku


My haibun "Boots" will be published in Frog Pond. The journal Frogpond is an official serial publication of the Haiku Society of America.

Haibun “Boots”


Literary magazine Misfit Quill into their Summer 2020 issue (Vol 1, Issue 1).

Poem “Caragh Lake”


One of my tanka will be published in Eucalypt issue 28.

Eucalypt is the first Australian journal devoted to this ancient Japanese poetry genre and a

Eucalypt is a print magazine which showcases contemporary tanka poetry, written in the English language and publishes only those poems its editors consider of the highest standard. Its objectives are to offer wider publication opportunities to tanka poets and to make more people aware of the delights of reading and writing tanka.



Webzine Dreams Walking 

Haibun “A river like the song”


Accepted for the Fifth volume of Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal. Otherwise Engaged is a biannual literature and arts journal open to submissions from all artists, writers, and photographers worldwide in USA.

Short story “A Fight”


Included in the “Storytellers for Stages” project.

The project was created to support both Big Dawg Productions and Panache Productions.

Short story “Discovery”


Collection LOCKDOWN 2020 published by Robin Barratt

My poems; Silenced Paris, Dead heroes in the Banlieue, To a distant heart and Mowing


Dragonfly’s literary editors accepted my haibun submission “Travel Melancholy” into their literary magazine! Your submission is a well-thought-out piece of writing and fits perfectly in our Spring 2020 issue. The editors agreed that you demonstrated a great understanding of your content and imagery and evoked many complex emotions in your writing.

Haibun  “Travel Melancholy”


AMabin Alta H. Mabin Poets Unlimited poetry magazine South Africa

3 poems

Polar light, Night colours, For Baroness M.


eighteen-seventy magazine published my short story “Paradise Bird” under my penname.

short story “Paradise Bird”


Elizabeth River Press

Ashburn, VA

Charles B. Cooper, PhD


Elizabeth River provides niche publishing services to a select group of authors.

Short Story “Life, a timeless theatre”


Romanian publication Boema - muzică și poezie.