Poem  "Autumn Moon"

Autumn Moon

Blossom and leaf know change and turn,

earth days see constant beginning and end;

hold the spark of eternal fire in hand,

smile at vanishing years,

ignore the tick of the clock,

take the staff and continue to walk

the road, the steep winding stairs.

Peoples scattered like leaves swept by storm.

World fire blazes, death reaps on earth.

Preserve this flame of mysterious birth,

which knows no decay, only lasting desire,

whose agony is lost in blissful devotion.

From a flowering exuberant explosion

incense clouds of sweetness expire.

Time dissolves easily, so full of sun,

drink from the scarlet chalice of this day.

Gently, the linden tree hangs an array

over us: its subtle green filigree veils.

Chimes, in the distance, sound, 

hours like fluttering leaves fall to ground

slowly in the counting weighing scales.  


Darkish and solemn under bitter air

leaves rustle on the narrow path,

announcing early autumn days.

Sweetly suffused by ripe apples’ scent,

trees stretch their bronze-golden branches.

Wine winds purple chains round walls,

so rich and ripe, so full, this summer's end.

Shining like last bouquets of flowers

embraces summer selves in final love,

whispers goodbye; the cooing of a dove,

the heavy perfume of saved hay,

silage, straw, cabbage and apples,

of pumpkins and grapes;

sustenance for long cold winter days.